Our Vision

Hi friends,

        Thanks for showing your interest in *Aqua Royal flow*, we manufacture best quality booster pump with flow regulator, exclusive for all kind of premium class water ionizers in India and give guidance for how to get best quality alkaline ionized water, in different conditions from your Machin. As you know in India there is a lot of variation in water quality somewhere there is groundwater somewhere, well water and tap water in such condition proper 9.5 PH and  -ORP getting quite difficult in this condition we help you for solving your problem.

Connection with RO

Such a system can be very safe and good in a place where the TDS of water is high.


Aqua Royal Flow Pump helps in maintaining your machine very well.


You get very good guidance on how to install your machine properly in any situation.

Customer Review

For the last five years, since 2015, Aqua Royal Flow has been a valuable alkaline machine guide in various states of India, and thousands of people in every region are satisfied with this pump. We are proud of all our customers and thank you so much for allowing alkaline machine distributors across the country to talk about these pumps as confidently as if Aqua Royal Flow is their own brand.